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Connor Whiteley's Recommended Books

Here's a list of the best science fiction, fantasy and other books in my opinion.


Best Science Fiction Books

As a science fiction author, I read a lot of science fiction books so here's my list of the Best Sci-Fi Books. (In my opinion)

Also, please check these books out at your local libraries and your local bookstores to support them. 

Over the past year I have read a lot of amazing science fiction books so I've decided that I really needed to update it this page. So below are some of my favourite science fiction books and I have only included authors that write brilliant books whatever the genre. 

You're in for an amazing treat with all of these wonderful authors!

(I know I use to explain my reasons for the books but there's way too many now to do that. Just click on the cover for more information. Also this page does contain affiliate links)

eye of.JPG
Screenshot_20211205-093122_Amazon Shopping.jpg
Screenshot_20211205-092907_Amazon Shopping.jpg
Screenshot_20211205-093137_Amazon Shopping.jpg
Screenshot_20211205-093104_Amazon Shopping.jpg
wilder rider.JPG
Screenshot_20211205-093148_Amazon Shopping.jpg
Screenshot_20211205-093159_Amazon Shopping.jpg
Screenshot_20211205-093042_Amazon Shopping.jpg

Recommended Fantasy Books And Other

eye of truth.JPG
Screenshot_20211205-143749_Kobo Books.jpg
Screenshot_20211205-094316_Kobo Books.jpg
Screenshot_20211205-094225_Amazon Shopping.jpg
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