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Rise To Power Fantasy Kickstarter Just Launched!

rise to power epic fantasy kickstarter

The Rise To Power Kickstarter is now live until the 26th October 2023. Meaning you can get a brilliant, compelling first-in-series fantasy book that kicks off a gripping new fantasy series explaining the fascinating origins of the Realm before anyone else because these books will only be up on pre-order until then.

However, for this small blog post I want to explain what books are included in the Kickstarter and why I use Kickstarter in the first place.

What Fantasy Books Are Available In The Kickstarter?

Whilst the main focus of this really exciting Kickstarter is the epic fantasy novella “Rise To Power”, that isn’t the only unputdownable book you can get in the Kickstarter. You can get all four of the fantasy books that make up the Rising Realm Fantasy Series. These books are Rise To Power, Rising Walls, Rising Force and Rising Realm. Each of these books are compelling, tense fantasy adventure books that follows Queen Augusta as she embarks on an epic quest to unite the four human kingdoms under her banner.

The only problem is she’s the queen of the weakest human kingdom with nothing to offer anyone. She has no political power and a lot of enemies.

Personally, I loved writing these books because it was great fun to let my muse take the history of the formation of England and spin it into a fantasy setting. I had been meaning to explore the formation of the Realm for ages but it was only when I learnt the formation of England that my muse demanded I write this series.

And it was a blast to write.

In addition, you can get the other books set in the Realm too. Since I first created this series with the Cato fantasy short stories, which you can get in the Kickstarter. They’re all fun stories about an exiled gay prince that has to explore the world, stop wars and regain his power so he can return to the throne once more.

Then you can the novellas that really expanded the Realm and made it into a rich, tense, scary world that makes me love to write books in the world. These are the Aleshia O’Kin fantasy adventure books.

I flat out love the Aleshia trilogy because she’s a brilliant historian that loves exploring history, the past and finding the truth. No matter where it leads her and each book in the series is a shocker. Especially the first book but I won’t say much more at risk of spoiling it for you, but it is so worth a read.

Finally, the most recent addition to the Realm is a really interesting book called “I Am No Man”. It’s fascinating because I think everyone can guess the famous line that inspired the book but it deals with a lot of themes I liked exploring. It explores good versus evil, love versus true love and what it really means to be a person.

I loved writing it and I know you readers are going to enjoy it.

What Is Kickstarter?

If you've never joined a Kickstarter crowdfunding project before, it's essentially a way for authors to make special products and sell direct to fans. It means you get a wonderful book and creators get more of the money than selling through the big publishing platforms.

Why I Use Kickstarter?

Personally, I love Kickstarter because it is a brilliant way to give special access to my brilliant readers. It gives me a chance to give you the books in advance that otherwise you wouldn’t have access to for another year, and this way you get access like never before.

Another way I love Kickstarter is because it is a great way to get closer to you readers. Whenever you buy from an online retailer, I don’t message you, thank you or get your thoughts on anything. But whenever I do a Kickstarter I always try to thank each and every one of you personally because I am so grateful to all of you.

Every single reader whoever you are, are amazing and a Kickstarter just allows me to thank you personally.

Also, the problem with large online retailers is that they take a massive cut of the money I make from books. Therefore, a Kickstarter allows me to make up per book and it gives you the chance to have peace of mind that your money is supporting me as the author, and not some rich CEO.

Finally, Kickstarter allows me to do tons of neat and impressive things if I want to. Right now, this is mainly about offering books and bundles in advance but in the future I want to turn my books into games, mugs, t-shirts and more. Kickstarter is just another way that allows me to continue to reward my readers and create new books and products.

So thank you Kickstarter for being so great and thank you amazing readers for supporting me.

And definitely check out Rise To Power Fantasy Kickstarter only available until the 26th October 2023.


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