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Mother Of Angels A Science Fiction Adventure Novella

Mother Of Angels A Science Fiction Adventure Novella

Another science fiction adventure book in the Blood and Wrath Kickstarter is Mother of Angels. This has an interesting story behind it so I want to take a few moments in this short blog post to explain some of the inspiration behind it and why I liked writing it so much.

It is a well-known fact in the Agents of The Emperor series that the Great Human Empire makes use of a lot of Superhuman warriors. These are called Angels of Death and Hope. Also, it is known that these superhuman warriors are divided up into 9 legions, 3 legions that are loyal to the Empire and 6 that have turned traitor and want to enslave humanity.

So who created these superhumans?

I make it clear in the series that the Emperor has the skill but he isn’t the one that did most of the legwork on the Angel Project. He was too busy reuniting Earth whilst the Angels were being developed, born and created. So the Emperor couldn’t have been the creator so I have hinted in the series that there was a geneticist that worked with the Emperor called Doctor Catherine Taylor.

But those have only ever been hints… until now.

Also, in terms of background, it was about this time that I watched the “interesting” Halo series on Paramount+ and I will not mention if I recommend it or not. I think it was interesting to say the least but you have Doctor Halsey, so I certainly think watching her character pushed my muse over the edge. The two doctors are completely different (Doctor Taylor is actually likeable for starters) but I think Halo certainly gave me some context that I didn’t know I needed.

So I started writing shortly after that.

And the result is finally, Doctor Catherine Taylor walks the stars once more traveling the Empire, hunting down forbidden knowledge and seeing what has become of her creations.

Mother of Angels is a gripping, enthralling book telling you the story of Doctor Catherine Taylor’s investigation into a deadly artefact in a remote, forgotten solar system. But she isn’t the only one hunting for the artefact and what it contains.

Personally, I had great fun writing this book because this is a legendary, fascinating and powerful character that was one of three people that started off the Great Human Empire. I know I created her but it was an honour to finally introduce this stellar character to readers because she offers us a very, very unique insight into the Angels.

Something no one else in the Agents of The Emperor universe can provide us with.

And there certainly are more Doctor Catherine Taylor stories coming.

Something I am very, very excited about so I hope you enjoy reading Mothers of Angels as much as I did writing it.

Available in the Blood And Wrath Kickstarter until the 25th April 2024.


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