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January 2023 Book Recommendations

Romance Mystery fantasy book recommendations from January 2023

As I start to share all these science fiction, fantasy, mystery and romance book recommendations in blog post form, I have to admit it’s great to revisit some old book recommendations about some of my favourite books. These book recommendations are important to read because before writers become writers, they are readers. Therefore, please enjoy these fantasy and science fiction book recommendations from January 2023.

A Yukon Christmas by Marcelle Dubé

I know, I know- I said last week was the last Christmas themed book recommendation but this week really is, and my reading was all over the place last week because of holidays. So this week I do want to recommend the short story "A Yukon Christmas" by Marcelle Dubé. I wanted to recommend this short story because I am trying hard to read more widely this year because this is a really nice romance short story to kick off the new year with. Featuring a freshly divorced woman who wants to live like freely after a tough marriage and a single man with a pushy sister wanting him to find love. Now that might sound like a normal romance but a little charming accident really helps to get things going. So if you want a nice comforting, easy-reading romance to enjoy this week as we all readjust to life about the wonderful holiday session, then you might to check out this short story.

Beware Of Dog' by Kevin J. Anderson

I want to recommend this story, not only because it's a free audio short story narrated by the author, so you can have an hour of fun in your ears. But also because it's a brilliant tale that's a lot of fun like all Dan Shamble mysteries are. If you've ever wondered what might happen to the world if monsters, ghosts and more became reality. Then the Dan Shamble series gives you a very good idea about what could happen, and like all the stories you have monsters, a zombie private eye and a whole host of exciting characters that bring the story alive. If you want a free hour of fun in your ears and you want to sample a writing master's work then definitely check out "Beware Of Dog".

Last Light by Dean Koontz

Now I have to admit that I know that Dean Koontz is a master writer and the second best on the planet after Stephen King, but it's only now I realise just how great of a storyteller he actually is. Since this week I read this sensational novella called 'Last Light' and that's the book recommendation this week. This is such a good book that hooked me from first to last word and it is simply brilliant. The cliffhangers, characters and plot are very riveting and Dean Koontz is definitely a great writer. I have to admit that I didn't know what I was reading when I first picked on the book because I only skimmed read the blurb and I knew it was contemporary fantasy. But Dean Koontz really knows how to turn a normal fantasy story into something else entirely, and blends a gripping game of cat and mouse into this. So if you want to read a great fantasy story with a wonderful tense, suspenseful game of cat and mouse thrown in for good measure then definitely check out Last Light. I highly recommend it and I'll very reading a lot more Koontz in the future.

The Runabout by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Whilst my day was a lot busier than I had originally planned and my keyboard and mouse died so this book recommendation is only slightly delayed, I am very happy to recommend today's book, and as much as I wanted to keep recommending other authors, the book I'm currently reading I'm very hopeful of for next week's recommendation. I know her diving series is one of her most famous series and before a few weeks ago, I had only read the book "Maelstrom" in the series so I was pleased when I finally got around to reading a book with all the main series characters inside. And my excitement about the book did not disappoint me because the diving in particular is done so well. The book has a great plot about a crew finding a runabout spaceship that is very strange and concerning. The characters basically jump off the page, the plot is fascinating and it's very easy reading. Especially the diving of space wrecks, that is great to see how it could be done in space and all the concerns related to it. Dives is deadly in water so it's even more deadly in space and the sense of that really comes through in the great book. So if you're looking for some scifi fun this week, definitely check out "The Runabout"

Clean Slate by Harper Robson

Normally I have no interest whatsoever in age gap romances because they don't interest me and I think that writers have to be extremely careful but this writer managed to pull it off. The characters are very good and I read this novelette in two sitting so it was good. The plot was interesting and it was the story that kept me reading. And this short story actually reminded me how story trumps everything in writing because as long as you can write a good story then that's the first step. And it is enough to start selling stories. I highly recommend this short story for anyone who enjoys small town romances between two great male characters and this story has the balance between sex and character just about right. Also I know I never comment on a bad part of a story but this story needs it. I really hope this author learns pacing in the future because I truly believe this author could write great stories (this being one of them), the pacing could be improved. Mainly by breaking up some of the massive paragraphs. But the story and the romance and characters will certainly hold you. I highly recommend Clean Slate.

I hope you enjoyed these book recommendations and if you want to see some of my own fantasy, science fiction, mystery and romance books. Then please click the hyperlink on the genre you want to explore. You won’t regret exploring these great books.

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