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Infiltration A Science Fiction Adventure Novella

Infiltration A Science Fiction Adventure Novella

As we continue with our look at the five books featured in the Blood and Wrath Kickstarter ending on the 25th April 2024, I want to focus on the brilliant science fiction adventure book called Infiltration. I want to explain why I wrote it, what was happening in my life at the time and some other interesting things.

Similar to the other books in the Agents of The Emperor series, I wanted to write this book to help me understand the various Legions of Angels of Death and Hope. Since there are nine legions and each of them have their own culture, focus and abilities. Also, I have mentioned the Raven Crow legion a lot in the other books so I wanted to focus on this fraction in this particular book.

For people who are brand-new to the Agents of The Emperor series, the Raven Crow are basically superhuman spies that focus on infiltration and spy games. These superhumans are able to infiltrate other legions, human worlds and nowhere is actually off-limits to them. They really are that good.

Therefore, around this time in it was around August 2023 where my own life was very uncertain and everything was up in the air in a dramatic fashion. My life was basically falling down around me and I wasn’t exactly in a good position to control everything that was happening. So I wanted to focus on writing and I decided that it was a good time to write Infiltration because it would provide me with the escapism I needed badly.

I’m really pleased with the result because the book allowed me to explore the depth, the focus and strategy of the Raven Crow legion. Of course, I realised in the course of this book that the Raven Crow is a lot larger and their culture is so skilful and controlled that I need more than one book to truly explore it. So there will be more books but this first Raven Crow book gave me a great, suspenseful insight into a legion of superhumans that I’ve loved for a long, long time.

Because at the end of the day, who doesn’t love superhuman spies?

Also, as much as I want to tell you about the very, very special guest appearance in the book because I couldn’t stop grinning when that happened. You’re going to have to read the book to find out what lovely, crazy character turns up to cause a lot of chaos for our heroes and villains alike.

You seriously do not want to miss this book if you’re a new or long-term fan of the Agents of The Emperor series.

Available in the Blood And Wrath Kickstarter until the 25th April 2024.


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