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Fuel To The Fire A Science Fiction Adventure Novella

Fuel To The Fire A Science Fiction Adventure Novella

In this final short blog post focusing on the five science fiction books in the Blood and Wrath Kickstarter, I have to admit that I have a massive soft spot for Fuel to The Fire. Since I have a lot of favourite superhuman legions in the Agents of The Emperor series, but the Hydra Legion has always been a favourite of mine. So when I was finally able to write an entire book dedicated to them and their method of war, I was so excited and I love the result. So please read on to find out more about this stunning traitor legion.

The idea behind Fuel To The Fire was to explore the Hydra Legion because this Legion has to be the most famous in the Agents of the Emperor Series. They are always knocking about, they get up to so much stuff and these are scary superhumans to go up against.

Personally, I would do everything in my power to avoid running into the Hydra Legion because they are evil, dark and extremely clever. Especially because of the focus of Fuel to The Fire as it plays strongly into the hands of the Hydra Legion.

At their cold, black heart, the Hydra Legion are misinformation specialists. These superhumans do not use guns, bombs or any traditional method of war because they prefer to make societies and entire worlds turn against themselves. A lie there, an assassination there that gets blamed on Y and deception is the way they wage war often without firing a single shot.

That is where Fuel To The Fire comes in.

Since these deadly, sneaky Hydra operatives travel to an Empire world with a single purpose. To make the population turn against the Empire and revolt. The world already has a small rebellious fire growing inside but the Hydra Legion just needs to add a little more fuel to make it a raging inferno capable of burning the entire world.

And what I really like about this book is that it perfectly answers the question of what happens when loyal war heroes break? This gripping, unputdownable novella contains a lot of twists, turns and fascinating characters that you’re going to love every minute of it.

So Definitely Check It Out Now!

Available in the Blood And Wrath Kickstarter until the 25th April 2024.

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