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Film and TV Recommendations From July 2023

private investigator and gay romance tv film recommendations from July 2023

Reading science fiction, fantasy and mystery books aren’t the only way that I learn about stories and inspire my writing. Films and television programmes play a major part in my fiction writing too. That’s why I love to offer up recommendations to readers and watchers so I can share movies and TV programmes that I love and seriously passionate about. Therefore, I hope you enjoy these various mystery, fantasy, science fiction and occasionally romance films and TV recommendations. The recommendations in this post are the ones I made in July 2023.

Frankie Drake Mysteries

Whilst it is rather heartbreaking that this brilliant series has ended, I wanted to share this with you considering I have a private investigator Kickstarter going on at the moment. I want to recommend "The Frankie Drake Mysteries" this week. Now this was and still is one of my favourite mystery programmes of all time, because it's set in the 1920s and has a group of strong female characters. I've always had a soft spot for the style and "music" of the 1920s and whilst I know the real 1920s was extremely rough with the post-war recession, mass unemployment and more. I've always liked how TV just completely misses those things and makes the 20s seem like a great era. Anyway, the setting is great and rich and really good. Yet it is the characters that make this programme so great because Frankie Drake is a very likeable, independent woman thriving in a man's world, her mother is just brilliant (a little scheming devil but great) and the team around her helps to make the programme the clever show it is. And just like the writers of the programme do on Murdoch Mysteries, there are a number of great historical characters here too. Like Coco Chanel (and it was through some research I found down that she was a Nazi agent in World War Two), Hemingway and a whole bunch more. So if you want a really fun mystery programme that is light-hearted, perfectly entertaining and a lot of fun to watch make sure you check out Frankie Drake Mysteries.

Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries

Considering I have a private investigator mystery Kickstarter going on at the moment, another private eye TV programme I want to recommend is Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries. Now I know there have been two series of the programme but in the UK only the first series has been shown and considering it's been two years since the 2nd season has launched in other countries, I doubt the UK will ever get it. Anyway, I still really, really want to recommend this programme because it is a lot and I actually learnt a lot through this. Firstly, I really enjoyed the main character Peregrine Fisher, who is the niece of legendary PI Phryne Fisher as this is a spin-off the original show. She's a brilliant character that might be new to being a private investigator but she has great instincts and she knows what she's doing. Her newness to the job makes her more human, relatable and she certainly makes you laugh at times in a good way. Also, the team around her is brilliant from the Italian scientist woman to Birdie to everyone else around them. The team is brilliant and all of them are very fully developed and interesting characters each with their own backstory and things to make them really interesting. Like Birdie being a former Australian Secret Service. Another reason why I like the programme is because it's based in Australia for a change instead of the US, so it is nice to see more of the world through TV. And I learnt a lot about modern history through it. For example, the White Australian Policy and the clever ways how businesses used to get around it. Then there are the wonderful mysteries themselves that are clever, interesting and brilliantly done. Personally, I cannot fault this show and I am really looking forward to when (and if) season 2 ever comes to the UK. So, if you're looking for some historical watching this weekend, definitely check out "Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries".

Private Eyes

For my final Private Investigator-focused TV recommendation (because I do have a Private Eye Kickstarter ending next Thursday), I wanted to recommend one of my absolute favourite private eye programmes of all time. I want to recommend "Private Eyes" because whilst it is a massive shame that it's ended, I cannot recommend it enough. The story of the programme follows the journey of Hockey Pro Matt Shade when he meets beautiful and very competent PI Angie Everett on a case involving a young hockey player for their first case. Then they become involved in other cases together when Angie invites Matt to work for her at her PI agency. There's definitely a lot that I like about this programme. I think my favourite part has to be the unsolved sexual tension between Angie and Matt (which both actors are great for) because it makes the characters come alive, it makes you want to keep watching and it makes you appreciate how their relationship develops over time. Also, the cases are really interesting and I don't think there has ever been a single full episode that I haven't enjoyed. because no two episodes are ever the same and it's nice how some of the cases introduce you to new and exciting characters that turn into something more for the programme. Like some of Matt's and Angie's dates or how Zoey got introduced in season 3 if memory serves. Then finally, I think the programme is really good because of the role that Matt's family has in the show. His family not only help to deepen his own character, show the watchers that he's a real, relatable character but they definitely provide their own secondary plotlines and funny moments too. From Matt's daughter having a boyfriend to her life decisions to everything that Dom does too. Dom is a great character. And Canada is a beautiful country from what the programmes shows you at times. Overall, there is a lot to like and enjoy about this programme and I know that I would always recommend it to anyone looking for a good private eye programme. So definitely check out "Private Eyes"


With season 2 less than a week away, there really was only 1 TV programme I could actually recommend this week, and that is "Heartstopper" by Netflix and the very talented Alice Osman with Joe Locke and Kit Connor. Also, it seriously has to be good because I knocked this out in 4 hours. Believe me, that never ever happens until it is a sensational programme. Honestly, there is no reason not to recommend this brilliant, heart-warming and deeply emotional show because it means so much to so many people. I do love this show because it is very sweet and it moves you in ways that you never ever expect. I think the main thing that I love about this programme is how positive it is and that it does play up "the coming out should look like" in an ideal fantasy world. In the sense that it is extremely positive, there is basically no homophobia at all in the show and it is very heart-warming to see that these two boys can just get on with their love story. Of course, that flat out doesn't mean that their journey is filled with sweet, heart-warming twists and turns that make you fall in love with the characters even more. But it's very different and it is how the programme shows how sweet, innocent and wonderful gay love can be that is how it captured the hearts of tens upon tens of millions of people all over the world. For me personally, it is the words and the things the characters say to each other. It is those things that made me cry, moved me and made me seriously love this programme. It was the simple things like "you should never have to hear the hate", "you're fine the way you are" and a lot host of other really innocent and sweet things that sound normal and obvious. But to me, no one has ever said those things, no one has ever tried to say these things so for me to actually hear this positivity and pure acceptance. It was emotional in a very, very positive way which made me amazing for two great weeks. Then real life took me off that high but it is a brilliant programme that I am sure I will be recommending it again after I watch Season 2. If you're looking for some brilliant gay romance to watch this weekend, then definitely watch Heartstopper on Netflix.

I hope you enjoyed these movie and film recommendations and if you want to see some of my own fantasy, science fiction, mystery and romance books. Then please click the hyperlink on the genre you want to explore. You won’t regret exploring these great books.

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