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Film and TV Recommendations February 2023

science fiction mystery fantasy Film and TV Recommendations February 2023

Reading science fiction, fantasy and mystery books aren’t the only way that I learn about stories and inspire my writing. Films and television programmes play a major part in my fiction writing too. That’s why I love to offer up recommendations to readers and watchers so I can share movies and TV programmes that I love and seriously passionate about. Therefore, I hope you enjoy these various mystery, fantasy, science fiction and occasionally romance films and TV recommendations. The recommendations in this post are the ones I made in February 2023.

Star Wars Sequels

Personally I don't think any self-respecting science fiction author could start off any TV and film recommendation series without recommending Star Trek or Star Wars. Personally I don't like Star Trek because it just isn't to my own personal tastes but I love Star Wars. I love how it blends myths and fantasy with science fiction and I love how massive the universe and lore is getting with what Disney is doing. So today I'm recommending the sequels or whatever films 7 to 9 are called, because as much as people poo-poo them with film 7 being a much better copy of A New Hope and the plot holes in Rise of Skywalker, I still really enjoyed because they're great stories. They're great characters and the graphics are really impressive so if you simply want some great escape this weekend then definitely check it out.

Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)

As a mystery writer I love watching crime dramas and that certainly includes NCIS because it has great plots, it's interesting to see how the US Navy works and the writing on the programme is brilliant. And whilst they stopped broadcasting the programme in the UK after season 18, I still enjoyed it. You seriously couldn't beat Gibbs as a character and the different team members over the years really helped to make the programme more interesting, real and the relationships were something I still remember now. Because the characters with their different quirks, troubles and histories made the programme so fun to watch. So if you haven't watched NCIS before then I highly recommend that you do.


I'm really excited about Dune Part 2 and I really have to recommend Dune to all of you science fiction fans to watch because it is brilliant. From a storytelling perspective never would have worked if we didn't know there would be a Part 2, but because they labelled it Part 1, it is a brilliant film. I have a spot soft for Timothee Chalmet because he's such a great actor, and the film wouldn't have been as good without him. But Dune is the start of a brilliant saga of revenge, betrayal and romance (I think?) in a massive imperium because even in the first part the worldbuilding was done on a brilliant scale. And it's because of the characters, the worldbuilding and the tense gripping events of the first part that made me so excited about the next part.

Mythica: A Quest For Heroes

Of all the underrated fantasy films I've watched, I think Mythica is possibly the most underrated film series I watched on Prime a few years ago. Personally, I thought it was brilliant because the characters were complete strangers and over the course of the next five films (6 soon!) you get to really know them, watch them transform into strong characters that save the world and you really relate to them. It isn't the plot, action and dialogue that make this film series despite how great of all things were. It's the characters and relationships. So if you want some perfect escape this weekend, then definitely check out Mythica because is a great epic fantasy series. And it has the wonderful Jake Stormoen in it so what's not to love?


Now let me just say do NOT watch this if you don't like swearing comedies because this will not be for you. Personally, I watched this a few years ago and I was constantly laughing because it was funny. The action is serious enough to enjoy it and believe this is a real spy film but it's also a great comedy at the same time. And this film also made me appreciate and really want there to be more female spy films, because women are brilliant spies. Also as a writer and author that writes #spy fiction from time to time I would say this comedy influenced my focus on writing female spy stories. I highly recommend this film if you enjoy great comedies.

I hope you enjoyed these movie and film recommendations and if you want to see some of my own fantasy, science fiction, mystery and romance books. Then please click the hyperlink on the genre you want to explore. You won’t regret exploring these great books.

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