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February 2023 Book Recommendations

science fiction, mystery, fantasy book recommendations from February 2023

As I start to share all these science fiction, fantasy, mystery and romance book recommendations in blog post form, I have to admit it’s great to revisit some old book recommendations about some of my favourite books. These book recommendations are important to read because before writers become writers, they are readers. Therefore, please enjoy these fantasy and science fiction book recommendations from February 2023.

Garro: Knight Of Grey By James Swallow

Even though I don't really read too many Black Library or Games Workshop books anymore, this week I seriously want to recommend "Garro: Knight of Grey" by James Swallow. Personally, I loved this book because Garro absolutely has to be my favourite Horus Heresy character of all time. He's brilliant, human and very relatable, and he will do everything he can to protect humanity. You seriously couldn't ask for a better character and his books are always great. Also, James Swallow is not only a brilliant writer, he is a highly talented storyteller so I was so excited about this book. And even though this will be the last book in the Garro storyline, it is still such a perfect ending to his storyline and the ending was perfect for the character. So I really couldn't have asked to read or listen to a better story. If you're exploring for a great science fiction novella this week then definitely check out Garro: Knight of Grey. Or to be honest check out some of the earlier books and audio dramas. You won't be sorry you did.

The Kirilli Matter By Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Even though my reading has been all over this week because I've been reading tons of short stories that hadn't been published yet, I finished the great book called "The Kirilli Matter" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch that is the first full-length novel in her Fey series after 20-30 years. This book is released on next Tuesday but it is available on Pre-Order. Now I'll admit I have never heard a Fey book before I didn't know what to expect but now I really am looking forward to the rest of the series. There are so many ways that the series could go but I am looking forward to seeing what Kris comes up with. In terms of this book, you get to read a brilliantly built world that this is rich, thick and exciting with explores Fey's world on another continent with new characters, and it's great to see the Fey from this angle. From gripping openings to people trying to solve it and all the conflict in the world around magic, there's no shortage of problems for our heroes. My favourite character probably had to be the main detective woman because it's great to follow her along as she tries to understand the murder, the magic and everything surrounding it. And she has some great conversations too. So if you want to return to wonderful world of the Fey after decades with a great book that is certainly the start of an even better series then definitely pre-order or buy The Kirilli Matter.

Ace High By Dean Wesley Smith

Whilst my reading has been completely all over the place this week because I have been failing to kill my To-Be-Read pile, I finally just needed a good book to read. One that I knew would never ever fail to capture me as a reader. So this week I have to recommend “Ace High” by Dean Wesley Smith. I really love this book because I bought it a year ago and I am so glad I waited. This is such a brilliant mystery book that is making me, forcing me to read 50 pages a night because it’s a 6x9 print book, this takes about an hour. That is exactly how great the book is, it forces me to read for an hour each night. From the wonderful likeable characters, to the shockingly twisted murder and cold case and more, this book will hook you. It will drag you so deep into the story that you will have to force yourself to leave. If you are a mystery fan then you NEED this book. Do not miss out on the Cold Poker Gang series because you will love it.

Asimov’s Science Fiction

Again as I try to eat away at my To-Be-Read Pile, I turned to always my favourite science fiction magazine that always stacks up. So this week I really am recommending that all science fiction readers grab a copy of ASIMOV'S Science Fiction magazine. The reason why I like the magazine is simply because it is filled with a very wide range of great short stories from the very top writers working in the genre today. From near future scifi set on Earth to epic stories of the far future, there is a lot of great stories to enjoy. And the novellas are great to enjoy as well. Regardless of the type of scifi you enjoy, you'll find something for sure in Asimov.

I hope you enjoyed these book recommendations and if you want to see some of my own fantasy, science fiction, mystery and romance books. Then please click the hyperlink on the genre you want to explore. You won’t regret exploring these great books.

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