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Connor Whiteley Starter Kit Kickstarter Just Launched!

Connor Whiteley Starter Kit Kickstarter Just Launched!

The Connor Whiteley Starter Kit Kickstarter is now live until the 8th February 2024. This brilliant Kickstarter allows you to get 100 gripping, compelling, tense short stories from five of my most popular and bestselling series. Also, you get these starter kits before anyone else because these books will only be up on pre-order until then.

However, for this small blog post I want to explain what series are included in the Kickstarter and why I use Kickstarter in the first place.

Why Am I Doing The Connor Whiteley Starter Kit Kickstarter?

Wow! I seriously love writing series and whilst I write some standalone short stories and books, I almost always come back to writing in one of my series when I sit down to write. And I love all of my series.

But where should a reader start?

That has to be one of the questions I’m asked the most because it’s important for any reader of a series to know where to start. I normally direct readers to the first book for most of my series, but I write episodic series too where the reading order really doesn’t matter.

However, to save readers time so they don’t need to search out the beginning of a series they might want to try, I’ve decided to create five short story collections filled with gripping, enthralling, unputdownable stories from my five main series. So readers can sample, explore and enjoy these series for a better price.

This series of five collections I’ve called the Connor Whiteley Starter Kit so readers can see what series they like and then they can see what to read next in the same series.

The Connor Whiteley Starter Kit is a sampling of the first twenty short stories in five of my different series, including my bestselling series, Bettie English Private Eye Mysteries, Agents Of The Emperor Science Fiction Stories and Kendra O’Connor Mysteries.

Here is a list of the five collections in the Connor Whiteley Starter Kit.

·       Kendra Mystery Starter Collection

·       Gay Romance Starter Collection

·       Bettie English Mystery Starter Collection

·       Agents Of The Emperor Starter Collection

·       Way Of The Odyssey Starter Collection

A lot of my series plays with and mix different genres which I flat out love doing. The Kendra O’Connor Series features retired London detectives solving London’s most twisted, darkest and impossible cold cases. Pure heaven for any puzzle mystery reader. Whereas Agents Of The Emperor is pure space opera with gripping action-adventure plotlines.

My Bettie English Private Eye Mysteries is private investigator mystery fiction set all over southern England as Bettie and her team investigate enthralling crimes. My Way Of The Odessey Series is a brand-new never-seen-before, science fiction fantasy series set in the far future being released just for this Kickstarter.

Finally, my Gay Sweet Romance Books are heart-melting, emotional, tear-inducing contemporary romance books you will love.

So 5 very different series featuring twenty very different short stories. And you can get the books in these series too as rewards or Add-Ons.

EVERYONE who backs this campaign at any reward level of £20 and up will get the Connor Whiteley Starter Kit. Retail value over £50.00.

That's right, every backer gets the Connor Whiteley Starter Kit no matter which reward you take.

You can also get an entire series (plus the Starter Kit) as a reward, and you can add on any entire series, or as many series as you would like. The only series this isn’t available for is Kendra O’Connor because I just haven’t written a Kendra book yet and there are only 20 short stories… so far. The same goes for my Way Of The Odessey Series, I’ll be writing books in this series in the future.

(Note!!! All Electronic Rewards will be sent to you DRM-free and in any format for the device of your choice.)

I loved writing in these different series and I know you readers are going to enjoy these Starter Kits.

What Is Kickstarter?

If you've never joined a Kickstarter crowdfunding project before, it's essentially a way for authors to make special products and sell direct to fans. It means you get a wonderful book and creators get more of the money than selling through the big publishing platforms.

Why I Use Kickstarter?

Personally, I love Kickstarter because it is a brilliant way to give special access to my brilliant readers. It gives me a chance to give you the books in advance that otherwise you wouldn’t have access to for another year, and this way you get access like never before.

Another way I love Kickstarter is because it is a great way to get closer to you readers. Whenever you buy from an online retailer, I don’t message you, thank you or get your thoughts on anything. But whenever I do a Kickstarter I always try to thank each and every one of you personally because I am so grateful to all of you.

Every single reader whoever you are, are amazing and a Kickstarter just allows me to thank you personally.

Also, the problem with large online retailers is that they take a massive cut of the money I make from books. Therefore, a Kickstarter allows me to make up per book and it gives you the chance to have peace of mind that your money is supporting me as the author, and not some rich CEO.

Finally, Kickstarter allows me to do tons of neat and impressive things if I want to. Right now, this is mainly about offering books and bundles in advance but in the future I want to turn my books into games, mugs, t-shirts and more. Kickstarter is just another way that allows me to continue to reward my readers and create new books and products.

So thank you Kickstarter for being so great and thank you amazing readers for supporting me.

And definitely check out Connor Whiteley Starter Kit Kickstarter only available until the 8th February 2024.


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