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Book Recommendations May 2023

science fiction fantasy mystery romance book recommendations May 2023

As I start to share all these science fiction, fantasy, mystery and romance book recommendations in blog post form, I have to admit it’s great to revisit some old book recommendations about some of my favourite books. These book recommendations are important to read because before writers become writers, they are readers. Therefore, please enjoy these fantasy and science fiction book recommendations from May 2023.

White Heat By Leta Blake

Today has been crazy busy so a massive apology for the lateness of this book recommendation but I do have a great book to recommend to you all. So my book recommendation this week is "White Heat" by Leta Blake. Personally, I love it as a reader when I start reading a book and I am completely surprised by how great it is. I originally got this book because it sounded interesting and I was expecting this to be a good read, but not something I would be emotionally affected by. Oh boy was I completely wrong. I love this book because the story is so powerful, emotional and moving that I never wanted to stop reading it. The gay love story set in a fantasy world with a brilliant class system was fascinating to say about it, because the love in the story was so pure, so innocent and so wonderful that it made me feel really, really good. That is exactly the sort of escapism I want as a reader. And personally, the fact that this is a gay romantic fantasy book is even better, because there aren't too many of these books about, so whenever I find one I always have high hopes. Thankfully Leta delivered for me. So if you want a sweet, powerful and gripping romantic fantasy book to devour this week, look no further than "White Heat". I loved it and I will be eagerly awaiting for more of the author's book to appear on Kobo so I can devour them some more.

Winter Rose By Nora Roberts

I'm not lying when I say that I've been meaning to read a Nora Roberts book for years and I've finally gotten round to doing it because I have some of her fantasy books on my Kobo but I picked up this brilliant book and I want to recommend it this week. "Winter Rose" is a fantasy romance written by this amazing writer and I'll admit I cropped the cover a little because this is advertised as a short story, but it isn't, because it's a 29K-word novella. That's why I picked up the book because it's a short, brilliant introduction to this writer's work. And it is amazing. The book follows the love story of a Queen trapped in a frozen world and kingdom and she uses her magic to fight Death itself to save people, and the prince of another land after she saves him from dying. Their romance is sweet, moving and wonderfully written. I read the book as much as I could this week because it was so good and I really enjoyed it. I've already started on some of Nora's other work because she is just a good writer and you really do enjoy her stories. And whilst I agree with some of the reviews about this book being different from what Nora typically writes, that seriously does not mean you will enjoy it any less. So if you're looking for a sweet fantasy romance this week, definitely check out "Winter Rose".

Working Stiff By Kevin J. Anderson

I have to admit that last week was a weird one for me in terms of reading. I knew I was reading my normal amount but they were all short story collections so I didn't finish many, because they were so big. Yet there was one collection I did manage to finish and I'm extremely pleased and happy to recommend "Working Stiff" by Kevin J. Anderson. Any long time reader of these book recommendations will know that I do enjoy Dan Shamble, Zombie PI stories and this great collection of short stories certainly doesn't disappoint. And in case you aren't a zombie fiction kind of reader, I can thankfully say I've not either but you will love the Dan Shamble books. They are brilliant and thankfully not cliché at all about zombies. From Santa needing a Zombie's help to find his Naughty or Nice list, to vampire witness protection gone very wrong to missing hellhounds. This great collection covers so many weird and wonderful stories that you will be hooked and spoiled for fun. So if you're looking for enthralling, funny, light-hearted zombie detective stories this week then you don't even need to think about looking anywhere else. "Working Stiff" is the place to go. Available from all major booksellers.

Murder Buys A Lemon By Christy Fifield

With one of my aims this year to start reading more widely, I backed a Kickstarter last year by a great author and as my reward I got a mystery novel in a subgenre that I just don't read. Amateur sleuth isn't exactly my go-to genre in mystery because I prefer detectives and private investigators, but I do love Christy Fifield's work. Therefore, for this week's book recommendation I am very happy to recommend "Murder Buys A Lemon" by Christy Fifield. I definitely think this is a very "loveable" book because the main character is the perfect small-town character and it is impossible not to relate to her and really, really like her. We find out in the first few pages of the book that her flat above her shop is undergoing a construction job and she's nervous about it. If that doesn't make her likeable, relatable and a character that you want to follow because of her opinions about the job, then I don't know what would make a reader want to enjoy a mystery. The main character is just so normal, fun and the more you read of the book the more you want to follow her to see how she's going to solve the murder. Since the book follows the journey of the main character as she tries to solve the murder of a very powerful and big deal around their small team. From his ladies-man ways to past loves to the awful ways he treats people there isn't a shortage of suspects so Glory has her work cut out. And with her team of best friends and boyfriend at her side she's determined to solve the case no matter where it leads her. Of course, if you've read the series before you're familiar with everyone's favourite (and very loveable) parrot Bluebeard. If you're looking for an extra fun amateur sleuth mystery this week then definitely check out "Murder Buys A Lemon". Available at all major book retailers.

I hope you enjoyed these book recommendations and if you want to see some of my own fantasy, science fiction, mystery and romance books. Then please click the hyperlink on the genre you want to explore. You won’t regret exploring these great books.

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