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Book Recommendations June 2023

science fiction fantasy mystery romance book recommendations June 2023

As I start to share all these science fiction, fantasy, mystery and romance book recommendations in blog post form, I have to admit it’s great to revisit some old book recommendations about some of my favourite books. These book recommendations are important to read because before writers become writers, they are readers. Therefore, please enjoy these fantasy and science fiction book recommendations from June 2023.

Cold Call By Dean Wesley Smith

Apologies for the lateness of this week's mystery book recommendation today but I've been enjoying the sun with the family in the garden. Anyway, this week I needed a book that I knew for certain would give me the perfect escape, be a brilliant read and would be unputdownable. Dean Wesley Smith's "Cold Call" book from his Cold Poker Gang series was just the book I needed. Personally, as a reader, I always find it interesting to read early books in a series when I've already read the later books. Since each book in the series is standalone (exactly what a real mystery should be) you can easily do that with the series. And this book is really interesting because you still see the series being built and explored with the founding member and this case might be the most exciting of the entire series. And that is seriously saying something considering how great each book in the series is. This book follows the investigation of retired detectives Lott and his girlfriend as they investigate the disappearance of a friend that is the perfect target for a suspected serial killer. Everyone knows who does the killings but they just can't prove it. Is this the case that finally sends the serial killer to prison? This is definitely a fun read, filled with twists and turns and more surprises than you can hope to enjoy. It's a brilliant book and it is very clever how they finally solve the case in the bitter end. If you're looking for a great mystery read this week then definitely check out "Cold Call" by Dean Wesley Smith. Available on all major eBook retailers.

Fiction River Wishes By WMG Publishing

This week I definitely want to recommend "Fiction River: Wishes" edited by Rebecca Moesta published by WMG Publishing, Inc. This is a brilliant read and I really enjoyed it. I have to admit that when I picked up this book, I really wasn't too sure about the theme. Since me and wishes, it just isn't something I typically want to read, enjoy and spend my time exploring this concept. Yet like always the sheer quality of Fiction Rivers and its great authors blew me away. From Eric Kent Edstrom's wonderful story about an alien rock giving wishes in weird, twisted ways to Jamie Ferguson's sensational mermaid wish story, all the way to my personal favourite Ron Collins about the darker side of wishes when used for love. And there are a lot of other brilliant writers in there too. So you thought that stories centred around wishes were all the same then you need to read this anthology urgently. And if seriously wouldn't be a bad way to spend your reading time this week. You might even be inspired to make a wish of your own.

The Spy In 3B by Nana Malone

If you're been reading these book recommendations for a while then you might remember at the beginning of the year, I stressed how I wanted to read more widely and thankfully I am happier to do that now because my To-Be-Pile is under 50 books (the first time in years). So this week's I'm recommending "The Spy In 3B" by Nana Malone. Personally, I liked this book and the audiobook was good too, because it has good sexual tension and suspense between the two main characters, the plot is good and it is very much a good romantic suspense spy book. This is a great subgenre that I am always looking out for. You cannot beat romance spies. So the book follows the story of Marcus and Layla as they struggle to keep each other safe because they don't realise the other is a spy like them as they race against time to stop an Eastern European gang committing an attack on US Soil. As I mentioned earlier, the writer really nails the romance and the spy elements. It is a perfect spy and a very good romance book in its own right and the suspense that comes from each of the main characters wanting to protect and love the person thinking that they are a normal person really makes you want to keep reading. The only thing I will say about the book is, only read this if you're okay with rather graphic sex scenes. Personally, I am not and there are just some things I seriously DO NOT want to know about the female body and how wet a woman is. That is not what I enjoy as a reader so yes, the book did have the two graphic sex scenes that were way too much for me. But again though, the rest of the book is good and that is down to my reader tastes. So if you're looking for something fun to read this week, definitely check out The Spy in 3B by Nana Malone.

The Dying Season by Rachel Amphlett

This week there is a great, excellent book that I am rather desperate to recommend because it is so brilliant. And that mystery book comes in the form of "The Dying Season" by Rachel Amphlett. I've heard of this author before and I know she has a massive following but until I discovered her books on Kobo Plus, I haven't had the motivation to read her before, so I picked up this brilliant mystery book and I loved it. I know this is part of a series but that didn't impact the reading experience at all. I learnt who all the characters were, their pasts and everything I needed as a reader. This is the definition of a standalone series book. The mystery follows the investigation of DI Kay Hunter after a shooting at a local pub and the long road to justice filled with gripping twists and turns and great events in-between. I really liked it for two main reasons. From a story perspective, it is a great mystery that is really entertaining. And I love the detail in the book and how this is police procedural, I have no idea if half of what happened is real but it doesn't matter. It felt like you were in a real police investigation and that was a great experience as a reader. Also, I loved the book because I'm from Kent where the book is set and it was so surprising to see some places I know in the book. This author has to live in Kent for my part of Kent to know about places like Waderslade, Snodland, Sittingbourne and Isle of Sheppy. Believe me, unless you come from North Kent you don't want to know these places. And even Chatham was mentioned. That is certainly an area you don't mention until you're local. I mean it. So that was another reason why the book was brilliant besides from the mystery plotting. If you're looking for a fun mystery to read this book, definitely check out the Kay Hunter series. It's a lot of fun and I will certainly be reading more.

Dawnshard By Brandon Sanderson

After a great day of starting a new book and building my brand-new Kickstarter that I'm aiming to launch on the 4th July 2023, I'm able to recommend a great book that I read last week. Therefore, this week I am happily recommending "Dawnshard" by Brandon Sanderson. I got this book in his first-ever Kickstarter and it was only last week that I finally got round to reading it, and as this is the first-ever book I've read by Sanderson, I have to admit I will certainly be reading more. This book follows the journey of Rysn as she undertakes a brand-new journey with her new ship and crew to a deadly and dangerous island in hope of saving the pet she loves. One of the reasons why I really liked this book was because of the main character herself, Rysn is disabled and paralysed and Sanderson does a great job of showing that she isn't weak, stupid or foolish because of her inability to walk. She is still a powerful woman that is a force to be reckoned with and her character is brilliant. Of course she has her challenges but that only makes her more interesting to read about and that's the main reason why I enjoyed the book so much. We need more characters that are different and are empowered by their differences. It makes fiction more diverse and interesting and it helps to make us all realise (and for me as a future clinical psychologist it reminds me of something I constantly learn) that given the right support everyone is capable of amazing things. So if you want a fun, exciting, compelling fantasy adventure this week, check out "Dawnshard".

I hope you enjoyed these book recommendations and if you want to see some of my own fantasy, science fiction, mystery and romance books. Then please click the hyperlink on the genre you want to explore. You won’t regret exploring these great books.

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