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Book Recommendations August 2023

Book Recommendations August 2023

As I start to share all these science fiction, fantasy, mystery and romance book recommendations in blog post form, I have to admit it’s great to revisit some old book recommendations about some of my favourite books. These book recommendations are important to read because before writers become writers, they are readers. Therefore, please enjoy these fantasy and science fiction book recommendations from August 2023.

Case Card By Dean Wesley Smith

After a long busy day, I am more than happy to finally get round to this week's brilliant book recommendation that would certainly be perfect for me to read after a day like today. It is pure escapism and a lot of fun so I am very happy recommend to "Case Card" by Dean Wesley Smith. Now I will admit that this book isn't publicly available just yet I did get this through a Kickstarter so that's why I can recommend it. Also, it did take me ages to get round to reading it because of my To-Be-Read pile and life events. Therefore, I think it should be out about now. Anyway, this is a brilliant mystery book to recommend today because this is a cold case from the 1970s following two great detectives as they try to solve the 50-year-old poisonings of some young people that discovered a speakeasy in Las Vegas. There are a lot of reasons why I really did enjoy this mystery book. The first reason was certainly because of the series, the Cold Poker Gang mysteries are always a lot of twisted fun and they're written by a master writer. Secondly, I really like the book because the characters are real, in love and the interactions they have with their best friend make the story come alive. And it is the characters, what they do and how human they are that makes you want to follow along with them. Thirdly, the plot and the history and the overall story is really entertaining. I have no idea how much of the historical aspects are true, I honestly don't care because of how great and riveting the story is. And the ending is perfect as it who was behind the murders, it is a lot of fun. So if you want a mystery book that will hook you from the first page and keep you reading constantly and late into the night. Then do not miss out this enthralling mystery book "Case Card" by Dean Wesley Smith.

Mouse’s Folly By T. Thorn Coyle

Last week I finally got round to reading a number of great novellas I've been meaning to read for ages. So this week I am very happy to recommend "Mouse's Folly" by T. Thorn Coyle. Now I really want to recommend this brilliant book for a few different reasons. Firstly, because it is a great example of caper (think Leverage) in a fantasy world. You really don't get the pleasure of seeing these a lot of the time so it's nice to have the great to read something so cross-genre. Secondly, I really like it because of the characters. It might be told from the mouse's POV but it is still a voicey enthralling read that makes you want to follow Mouse to see what him and his friends are going to do to help save the day. Also, I highly appreciate the diversity of the characters, like the transwoman and the non-binary Fae. It works perfectly and this book truly shows, at the end of the day, they really are just normal people doing normal things. Or because this is a great fiction book, they're normal people doing extraordinary things. Finally, the story itself is really good too. It follows the journey of Mouse and his crew as they try to help a farmer's daughter save the family farm from the local Barons who want to destroy it. it. I promise you, the plot might sound a little cliche but Thorn really knows what their doing because they make this a very original, interesting and enthralling read you won't be able to put down. I'll admit I got this in a Kickstarter so I am not fully aware if this is available on eBook retailers yet. However, definitely have a look for it because it is well worth a read.

The Cop Car by Dean Wesley Smith

Despite me working a lot for University of Kent Clearing last week, I did manage to finish a really good novella that I want to recommend now. Therefore, my book recommendation this week is "The Cop Car" by Dean Wesley Smith. As all of you know by now, I am a massive fan of Dean's writing, his author voice and I like a good 90% of his series. And that isn't 100% because everyone has some stuff that aren't to their reader tastes, that's okay. Anyway, this fantasy book follows the story of the ghost Agent Eve after she's killed and how she teams up with superhero police officer Cascade to save lives, help people and help to make the world a better place. Together they manage to stop attacks and a bombing but in Dean's normal wonderful style there is a deep more personal problem that becomes a secondary plotline. How can a ghost and superhero that are deeply in love, have sex together? Now that is a very, very important question that really helps to drive the book forward and it helps make the book a lot of fun too. Personally, I like the book because the Ghost of A Chance series are always fun reads that are focused on love, passion and helping to make the world a better place. They are all about being positive and stopping the bad guys no matter what the main characters face. This makes them very uplifting books. Also, I like that the fantasy book was very light as it focused on the romance between the ghost and superhero. It isn't easy to be in love with a ghost and a flesh and blood person, so it certainly makes you want to see how the relationship develops over the course of the book. Overall, if you want a fun, silly, uplifting book to put a smile on your face this week, certainly check out "The Cop Car" by Dean Wesley Smith. Available at all major booksellers.

Can Everyone Please Calm Down? A 21st Century Guide To Sexuality By Mae Martin

Whilst I am finally returning to reading fiction in the past few days after been unable to get into a lot of fiction stories for the past week, I do want to recommend my first-ever nonfiction book on these Monday posts. Therefore, I am very happy to recommend "Can Everyone Please Calm Down? A 21st Century Guide to Sexuality" by the wonderful and funny Mae Martin. Now I read this 40,000 word book in three sittings, which for me just doesn't happen unless the book is extremely good. I originally got the book because I'm having a minor, minor obsession with Mae Martin at the moment because they are a great comedian, I like what they have to say and I'm finding them very helpful in dealing with a lot of things in my personal life at the moment. However, this book is brilliant and I really would recommend it to anyone. Since this isn't negative in the slightest, it's very hopeful, positive and Mae tackles the topic with such humour that you do laugh throughout it. I learnt a lot about sexuality and gender and it is just a lot of fun to read. I really enjoyed the first part of the book where Mae discusses how homophobia is a very recent thing in history for the past two thousand years. Yet before the rise of Christianity, the ancient Greeks, Romans and thousands of other cultures couldn't have cared less. In fact, bisexuality at the very least was expected. Therefore, this book contains a lot of fun facts, really interesting opinions and such humour that Mae's voice really comes through in the book. And this is what makes the book so fun to read and I would honestly recommend this to everyone. It is that good and the section about needing Strength in the last few chapters was sensational. I think I almost cried at that chapter because it is so true but beautifully written. Overall, if you want a fun, hilarious guide to sexuality and gender, definitely check out "Can Everyone Please Calm Down? A 21st Century Guide to Sexuality" by Mae Martin. Available at all major booksellers.

I hope you enjoyed these book recommendations and if you want to see some of my own fantasy, science fiction, mystery and romance books. Then please click the hyperlink on the genre you want to explore. You won’t regret exploring these great books.

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