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Blood And Wrath A Science Fiction Adventure Novella

Blood And Wrath A Science Fiction Adventure Novella

The gripping namesake of the Kickstarter is the science fiction adventure book Blood and Wrath. The Kickstarter is only available until the 25th April 2024 for early access before it is released to all major booksellers in August 2024. So in this short blog post I want to explain some of the interesting inspiration behind it and why I had a blast writing it.

So in my Agents of The Emperor series, I have 9 legions of superhuman warriors and each of these are very different from each other. Each legion has its own focus, its own specialisation and its own culture. Yet until I write a book focusing on each legion I am not too sure about the details of that culture and how the legion works.

Personally, I do really enjoy these legion-focused books because it is great fun to see how all these different legions function. For example, Angels of Fire focuses on the Ignis legion, Blood and Wrath focuses on the Sirens of Ares and the Lord of War Origins Trilogy focuses on the legion that would become known as the Divine Children.

And there are more examples too.

Anyway, I really like taking examples of different legions, putting them in a very, very bad and tense situation and seeing what happens.

Blood and Wrath is no different.

Since the Sirens of Ares are superhuman zealots focusing on the worship of the divine Lord of War, and they will do anything for their God no matter the cost. They would be happy to burn any worlds if they were deemed unholy.

Equally, in the Agents of The Emperor series, I have my mysterious and crazy character Sarah Oddballa. So I wondered what the hell would happen if these fractions mix and what would happen if Sarah escaped onto the Sirens’ most holy world.

That was the premise for the book and I had so much fun writing it. So I truly hope that you enjoy the book as much as I did writing it.

Available in the Blood And Wrath Kickstarter until the 25th April 2024.


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