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Bettie English Returns Mystery Fiction Kickstarter Just Launched

Bettie English Returns Mystery Fiction Kickstarter Just Launched

The Bettie English Returns Mystery Kickstarter is now live until the 27th July 2023. Meaning you can get 12 brand-new gripping, exciting private investigator mystery books a full-year before anyone else because these books will only be up on pre-order until then.

However, for this small blog post I want to explain what books are included in the Kickstarter and why I use Kickstarter in the first place.

What Mystery Books Are Available In The Kickstarter?

Bettie English Returns Mystery Fiction Kickstarter Just Launched

Above are some of the different private investigator mystery books, you can grab as part of the Kickstarter, and each of them explores a brilliant, suspenseful mystery that will make it impossible for you to put the book down. For example, Cops, Robbers and Private Eyes is a great book to kick off the new mysteries with as Bettie gets slammed in the middle of a tense robbery involving a larger, twisted mystery. So the book follows Bettie investigating the crime and trying to save lives.

Another favourite of mine in the book is The Death Of Graham Adams, this is a brilliant book that I had a lot of fun with because whilst I won’t give too much away. I would absolutely hate this happening to me or anyone I love, and the plot is very clever too.

The penultimate book I want to highlight in this blog post absolutely has to be The Assassination Of Bettie English. That was a great thrilling mystery that I had been wanting to write for so long because it certainly sets up the series for a lot of future books involving everyone’s favourite Russian woman. And yes, current readers (and new ones will quickly learn to love her too) of the series Penelope Bishop makes a return in style to the series, but the question still remains, is she friend or foe?

Find out in this great Kickstarter.

Finally, A Case Most Christmas was definitely a book I’ve been wanting to write for ages because of how EuroControl works. Since I didn’t know that EuroControl existed because it is the organisation that controls and regulates European Airspace and not a single flight can take off in Europe without EuroControl’s permission. That gives me as a writer a hell of a lot of possibilities to play with.

And Bettie certainly had fun.

What Is Kickstarter?

If you've never joined a Kickstarter crowdfunding project before, it's essentially a way for authors to make special products and sell direct to fans. It means you get a wonderful book and creators get more of the money than selling through the big publishing platforms.

Why I Use Kickstarter?

Personally, I love Kickstarter because it is a brilliant way to give special access to my brilliant readers. It gives me a chance to give you the books in advance that otherwise you wouldn’t have access to for another year, and this way you get access like never before.

Another way I love Kickstarter is because it is a great way to get closer to you readers. Whenever you buy from an online retailer, I don’t message you, thank you or get your thoughts on anything. But whenever I do a Kickstarter I always try to thank each and every one of you personally because I am so grateful to all of you.

Every single reader whoever you are, are amazing and a Kickstarter just allows me to thank you personally.

Also, the problem with large online retailers is that they take a massive cut of the money I make from books. Therefore, a Kickstarter allows me to make up per book and it gives you the chance to have peace of mind that your money is supporting me as the author, and not some rich CEO.

Finally, Kickstarter allows me to do tons of neat and impressive things if I want to. Right now, this is mainly about offering books and bundles in advance but in the future I want to turn my books into games, mugs, t-shirts and more. Kickstarter is just another way that allows me to continue to reward my readers and create new books and products.

So thank you Kickstarter for being so great and thank you amazing readers for supporting me.

And definitely check out Bettie English Returns Mystery Kickstarter only available until the 27th July 2023.


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